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Brand development 

The United Kingdom Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (UKASCC) is a new organisation run voluntarily by cancer health professionals. UKASCC was founded in 2021 and was formally launched in March 2022.

UKASCC's vision is to "promote excellence in the care of all thosedirectly and indirectly affected by cancer in all four countries of the UK", by inspiring the workforce through the support of professionals in their research, practice and education. They work at local, regional and national levels to ensure that UKASCC is a voice for Supportive Care in cancer across the UK.

By engaging with the educational and developmental needs of their members, they will also play an advisory role in the development of cancer guidelines and policy. They intend to be the premier networking organization for the multidisciplinary team involved in Supportive Care in cancer.

I've developed and designed brand guidelines for UKASCC. See below Brand Guidelines (partially displayed).

Business Card_5.jpg
Guideline 2.jpg
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Letterhead 2.jpg
Logo 1.jpg
Brand mockup 1.jpg

Brand identity

Rebellious and psychological problems from their children. Therefore, they chose to redefine the goals of the studioand shift the focus of work from solving middle-aged problems to solve youth problems. All along, they have witnessed many young people from depression to cheerfulness, and also solved many parents' troubles. They will continue to help them to help them solve their inner worry and grow with them.

Since origami is a common treatment method used by this psychological counseling institution, I use the image of origami as our logo prototype.  On this basis, I designed some derivatives, such as books, psychological research questionnaires, psychologists' business cards, and psychology. 

Consultation room interior decoration, etc. I hope that through this series of designs, it can not only promote this psychological counseling room, but also relieve the pressure of patients, and assist the psychologist to treat from another aspect.

Typography collection

Typography design for published magazine WORDPLAY.

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Freelance typography work & Business brochure


Packaging design

Food packaging design. Illustration and branding.

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