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Immersify Education Campaign

The idea of Immersify Education was conceived 5 years ago to address the problem that educational resources are outdated, expensive and discourage the engagement of students. Their solution bridges the gap between theoretical and practical learning by utilising augmented reality and interactive animation, 3D modelling, gamification and personalisation. The benefit of this over traditional materials is that it facilitates students with different learning styles, the content can be personalised and gamified and the concise information is more suited to the present generation of learner. 


The position involved working within the asset creation team completing design briefs in a variety of media to assist and support all the departments within the business.

I've been required to create mock-ups/Sketches/Initial ideas/Storyboards to illustrate my ideas before commencing

on the final piece. I mainly using the Adobe Creative Suite of software to complete my briefs. This covered any 2D or video projects I've been asked to complete.

Icons collection for App


UI design

Social media posts

Marketing video

Character animation

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